North Carolina Hard Drive Destruction

Expert North Carolina Hard Drive Destruction

Whether you have a single hard drive to destroy, or need an entire data center destroyed, Royal Shredding can help. Our state-of-the-art destruction trucks will physically destroy your hard drives and other forms of electronic media on site at your location. With the capability to shred a hard drive every 2 seconds, Royal Shredding can handle all jobs sizes.

If you are looking for a one time or ongoing destruction service, the most secure way to destroy data on your hard drive is onsite physical destruction. We shred and destroy your drives as you watch. Unlike soft methods of removing information from hard drives our process destroys the entire drive. You can even have a sample of the shredded material after the job is complete.

Royal Shredding will also scan and log the serial number of your hard drives to provide you with an accurate inventory of every hard drive destroyed.

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